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Welcome! We are the Gallifrey Gals, check us out on our New YouTube Channel Starting in the Fall of 2020. Weekly Videos Coming Soon! Meet Paula and Katrina, two nerdy girls navigating time and space; watching television and introducing each other into their favorite fandoms.
Resident Trekkie: Paula Deming Resident Whovian: Katrina Alysha
 Paula is an actress and improviser from North Carolina who now finds herself in Los Angeles. She keeps pretty busy with her two podcasts, having comedic discussions about the paranormal in "Death By Monsters" and voicing the lead character in the romantic comedy "Deck the Halls (with Matrimony)!" She also spends a lot of time talking about board games (and sometimes she even has the time to play them) on various podcasts, the Geek and Sundry show "Game the Game", and her own Youtube sketch comedy series called "Things Get Dicey". Oh yeah, she also streams narrative-focused video games on Twitch at twitch.tv/paulademing. When does she sleep? GOOD QUESTION. Paula is a brand new Whovian with a deep love of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Avatar the Last Airbender is also really good. Like, really good.  Katrina Alysha was born and raised in Arizona and has now been forging her own path in Los Angeles, California. You may recognize her from a few different reaction channels like The Reel Rejects, Jaby Koay and of course as you all know, Fan Theory TV! She recently was the lead in the upcoming independent film project Little Miss Jungle, with the Create What You Imagine production team. Moving into 2020 Katrina has new and exciting plans for her own channel. Beyond that with her love for nerdism and fandoms even more exciting plans and ideas for the Gallifrey Gals! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone & Katrina is all about diving in head-first; creating and building new friendships, learning new skills & embracing new experiences! @Katrina_Alysha on instagram
New Episodes Premiere April 21st and April 23rd